Declare a variable with any number(negative/positive) without ZERO(0), Declare a variable with any string even white space, Declare a variable with an empty array or empty object then JavaScript think it true


Declare a variable with null, empty string, 0 or declare a variable without any value or declare a variable with NaN(Not-a-Number) or declare a variable with false then JavaScript think it false

Conditional Rendering == Vs ===:

Double equal check only value, but while getting a variable value of string double equal convert this variable type of number

== Code 👇

=== Code 👇

Triple equal check value with type…

try … catch

try and catch is a saved your crushed program, while you use this try and catch, you’re sure your program isn’t crushed, but while it was crushed don’t worry, it’s working with your crushing code.

for example, there’s a syntax construct try…catch that allows us to “catch” errors so the script can, instead of dying, do something more reasonable.


Two different types of comment in JavaScript. Single line comment and multi-line comment, you can write anything commenting line but it was some hints of your code.

Single line comment example : // This Is Single Line Comment, write your…


Here is that Virtual DOM Example

Virtual DOM Compare New Changes Browser DOM, While Compare, is Done Virtual DOM Check Where Are Changes. Then Virtual Dom And Browser DOM Check Equal Equal. And Set always New Changes Browser DOM. Virtual DOM Representation of the real DOM. When state changes occur, the virtual DOM is updated and the previous and current version of virtual DOM is compared. This is called diffing algorithm. Then virtual DOM sends a batch update to the real DOM to update the UI.


It is called JSX, and it is a syntax extension to JavaScript. We recommend using it with React to describe…

Introduction: JavaScript is a multi-paradigm, dynamic language with types and operators, standard built-in objects, and methods. many structures from those languages apply to JavaScript as well. JavaScript supports object-oriented programming with object prototypes, instead of classes. JavaScript also supports functional programming — because they are objects, functions may be stored in variables and passed around like any other object. Today I’m talking about JavaScript 10 important things, I think it is very helpful for your study.

Javascript String

String.prototype charAt()

The CharAt Method Used For Find Variable Or Any Others Index Place,
If the Index cannot be converted to the integer or…

React Is The Most Popular JavaScript Livery.

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